We design high-tech Motor Control Centre (MCC), which is equipped with advanced motor control features and components that allow efficient energy consumption, optimal motor control, complete protection, excellent power monitoring, and innovative automation interfacing.
Designed to provide you with the highest performance, our MCC is safe for supervision, operation, and maintenance, reliable for process continuation, versatile in the control and protection of a high number of motors.
Besides, they come with remote monitoring, supervision and control and highly compact, allowing optimized space use.

Features :

Long lasting performance
Approved by CPRI
Manufactured according to internationally accepted standards
Designed in fixed type construction
Smooth Functioning
Available in single front and double front design
Ease operation
Fully compartmentalized and shrouded power cable terminations
Shock hazard protection
Each motor is equipped with starters protected by switchgear
Perfect for automobile manufacturing industry and many industrial and commercial applications