Earthing Contractors

As Diverge Electricals earthing contractors, our systems are critical to our customers in many industries and other commercial setups and water industries. To conform to the specific requirements of our clients, our products can also be customized. Sometimes just a few people are affected by the consequences of inadequate systems for earthing and lightning protection, but at other times the effects are felt by thousands as electrical surges, power supplies or critical equipment up and down the country from Noida to Delhi.

Chemical Earthing System ::

Copper Bonded Rods
Copper Bonded Electrodes
Copper Earthing Electrodes
GI Electrodes
Back Fill Compound (Jam Fill)
Pit Covers

Lightning Protection System ::

Spike Lightning Rod
ESE Lightning Arrestor
Cthunderester Air Terminal
Lightning Strike Counter

Surge Protection ::

Class B Lightning Surge Arrestor
Class C Switching Surge Arrestor
Class B+C Lightning and Switching Surge Arrestor
Class D Data Surge Arrestor
Photovoltaic Surge Protection Device
LED Surge Protector
Array Junction Box

Earthing contractors offered by Diverge Electricals include ::

Site survey
Computer aided design
Material supply
Test and commissioning of new installations
Test and commissioning of existing installations
Earth resistance testing

Applications include::

HV earthing and generator earthing, including mobile electricity generators
Anti-static earthing
Electro-magnetic pulse protection (EMP)
Power generation sites
Sub-station earthing
MRI equipment
Industrial, commercial and MOD installations
Heavy and light rail engineering