Equipped with advanced technologies and features, our Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels (APFC Panels)/ Power Factor Improvement Panels are fully automated in operation, having capacity to achieve industry-required power factor in diverse situations. These panels are quality-tested components that undergo a wide variety of electrical load. They can be used in a wide range of industries like:
Hospitals / Hotels
Building segment
Steel Rolling mills
Chemical industry
Cement plant
Suger plant
Automobile industry

Product Specifications :

Non-compartmentalized Modular design for easier assembly, Installation & maintenance
automatic power factor correction
4 – 14 correction stages
optimum reactive power compensation
Floor mounted
cable entry from bottom
better reliability and lower losses
withstands high temperature
Step protection MCCB
savings and incentives in electricity bills

Some of the key features of our APFC products are:

Perfect to improve power factor
USER-friendly microprocessor based APFC relay
Self optimizing control capability
Dust-proof cabinet with power coating
Perfect control with different system parameters measurement with indicating light
Cost-effective reliable static devices
Durable construction